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Copy-editing & Proofreading

The editorial services to be most frequently sought after are copy-editing and proofreading. In English-speaking coutries, both terms more or less form a coupleand are not completely synonymous with the German expressions 'Korrektorat' und 'Lektorat': 'Copy-editing' rather corresponds to 'Lektorat', 'proofreading' to 'Korrektorat', but 'proofreading' also 


Copy-editing includes a correction of orthography, grammar, punctuation, and writing style, and sometimes also comments on content or on larger adjustments, such as a rearrangement of paragraphs, or a formal unification of bibliographic styles, etc .


Proofreading as 'simple proofreading' may simply imply orthographic and grammatical corrections, but in publishers' language, it more typically refers to the final corrections of a printed text (=> galley proofs) including layout questions.


As copy-editor and proofreader I take the position of your first reader(s). It is hence my job to ask you (sometimes awkward!) questions, just as your implicit audience would or will do.



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