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English - German // German - English

You need a publishable German translation of your scholarly English text? No problem -- ask for my tariffs...

You need an English translation of a German academic text, or of single passages you have trouble with? You are uncertain about your own understanding of a German text passage, suspect irony in it, or simply want to check what I as native speaker read in it? Please send me your request! Please note that my English may not be 100% idiomatic - hence not publishable without a double-check - but that I will certainly be able to help you understand any German text better.

To check the quality of my translation and comments and to get an impression of the speed of this service, may I invite you to send me a sample passage for a free trial? (I guess that I will not receive dozens of requests at once; in this case I would notify you immediately about the estimated waiting time, of course.)


From biblical languages

Many exegetes do their own translation from the original text day by day and will not need any support herein. But in certain cases you may need to check German Bible versions for their appropriateness or their implied meaning as compared to the Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek or Latin text. In these cases I can offer you reliable information on the scope of the German version, on what the translator probably read in his (or maybe her) Vorlage, and/or give you my own commented translation from the original languages into German.

Of course any request for translations from the Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Latin texts will be welcome as well. Simply test it!

For reasons of scholarly truthfulness and traceability I cannot offer this service for any qualification works (such as PhD or master's theses) except if my part in the translation or reconstruction is explicitly and precisely referred to.


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